Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chookens caused mild panic and a bunny update

I had a moment of panic.  I came home, called for my chickens...and nothing.  My panic grew, thinking a fox had come by daylight AGAIN and taken my flock...I raced around calling frantically waving bread (their favourite treat oh so bad for them) and heard little shuffling noises.  They had hidden right around the side of the house, flattened up behind the gate eating at all the bugs they'd found there.  PHEW!

On the left - here they come.  A tad sheepish.
And here on the right...they like squishing up against the 
vegie apple crates too.  Lots more bugs I suspect!

This artichoke plant has 4 artichokes growing!  
I'm not an artichoke fan but they are so interesting to grow!  
I'm going to let it flower to get the beautiful blooms.

The mulberry in the pot is doing so well, covered in fruit!  
I'm going to transplant it into the garden bed.  hopefully it'll spread a bit more over time.

Lots of strawberries dotted about the garden...didn't 
realise I'd get fruit so early, I'd better sit
them up on mulch 

Pulling up the young purple sprouting broccoli plants - no space for them now! 
The chooks can enjoy them.

I've left 3 purple sprouting in, although I'm tempted to take them out 
to make room for my summer vegies!

On the bunny front...
He is just too cute! Washing his face.

Using the litter tray. 
No accidents at all so far!  Tim Tam has been just perfect

Kids like reading him a bedtime story.  We close the enclosure at night.

Master Bok (2) giving Tim Tam a gentle pat.


  1. What a relief regarding the chickens :) I guess they know where to head for the best food!

    Tim Tam is very cute indeed, and it's nice to see your children attending to him so sweetly. The bedtime stories are a lovely touch!

  2. What a gorgeous rabbit and toilet trained! My daughter wants a rabbit for her 6 birthday in December, so looking into it. G

  3. You could just post pics of those gorgeous kids with that cute rabbit and I would check daily you know. Perhaps Tim Tam needs his own blog actually. Can you also promise you will make him a little blue jacket so my kids think he is the real Peter rabbit. melx

  4. Ahh phew! I was scared for you for a moment! But glad that there was a happy ending-both ways, in terms of the chickens (how cute!) and Tim Tam the rabbit (best name by the way :) ).

  5. Those naughty chookies giving you such a scare! I am so impressed with Tim Tam's toilet training. Adorable pics :)

  6. Just love Tim Tam! How cute, and he is toilet trained! Impressive! Your chooks are gorgeous too. Love your blog! You have quite the life in Australia, and I enjoyed seeing your pics of Paris too! Will be reading your blog often!

  7. Phew! Relieved Mr Fox lucked out there.

    I grow artichokes too, just because they're interesting. Such a small part of the plant is edible but they look fab!

    Meant to say re bunnies; Check out my buddy Crow over at as she is the bunny expert if you get any 'issues' with Tim Tam...

  8. Oh you poor thing! What a fright you must have had, nothing like a bit of fear to get the pulse racing :) I am so glad they are okay, however I suspect that this will not be the last time you get a little chicken thrill!

    And Tim Tam is GORGEOUS!

  9. Awwwww the rabbit is sooo sweet! :)
    There is a mysterious escaped pet rabbit around my area. I go walking in the dark to see him (he's white...or IT sticks out in the dark). Poor thing. I hope it doesn't get hurt by a dog or a fox.

  10. They knew where the best food was to be had!
    the bunny is so cute, he looks like he likes a cuddle too!

  11. My heart would be in my throat if that happened to me. Am happy the ladies are fine!

  12. What a fright! They a such a cute bunch, Tim Tam and the little Bok's included!

  13. Tim Tam will give the chooks a run for their money! He is just way too cute.

  14. Oh goodness, what a relief the chooks are ok! :)

  15. Awwww, all so perfect. I particurly love the bedtime story! What are they all reading together?

  16. Yeah, I can comment again (I was on the outer there for awhile and comments kept getting gobbled up). Just wanted to say when I saw the linky the thingy (totally by accident when I was reading) it was a very exciting moment...Thank you!!!! XXX

  17. How horrible to come home and think your chookens were gone! I was glad to read that they were just hiding. Tim Tam is completely adorable.

  18. oh that was lucky they were hiding out and not taken, that would be horrific. It's funny how even chooks can be sheepish, i love that about animals : )

  19. oooh, those cheeky chooks! At least they got to the pesky bugs ;o) Also wanted to share a really good bunny info site I love the food pyramid but they have lots of good info... I know that there can be a lot of conflicting info out there but usually going with your heart is the best method I find. If you ever want to discuss anything, feel free to contact me, I'd love to help if I can. Take care, Yollie PS, Tim-Tam looks cute as ever and Master Bok looks smitten with the little newcommer ;o)

  20. Your bunny is so adorable! Great photos. :)

  21. I didn't know you could train a rabbit to use a litter tray- clever bunny!

  22. I hate the feeling you get when you can't find the chickens--I always fear the worst too... Your bunny is so cute and your children are adorable :)

  23. I wish I could tolerate their poo I would love to have roaming free around the garden. Occasionally they are let out but sometimes I forget to put them back. Then late at night I suddenly remember and in panic rush out side. They always seem to find a safe palace.

  24. I am glad that your chickens were safe and sound! One day I hope to have a small flock of chickens of my own.
    We have a bunny who looks very much like the one your son is holding. His name is Honey and he is sooo good natured. His favourite treat is celery hearts with the light green leaves. I love him to bits!

  25. I am glad you found them. And your rabbit is so cute. The kids seem to like him very much.


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