Sunday, October 23, 2011

YAY! We survived!



Surely this is some kind of thing that is recognised internationally with some sort of awards ceremony?

We were panicking the night before as it was pelting down non stop all day and night Saturday.  Us running with buckets from leak to leak.  Thankfully the weather was gorgeous, Melbourne put on a glorious 29 degree sunny day for us.  Wild action man came with a myriad creatures for all of the children to stroke and touch.  Of course Miss Bok had a picture taken with a few of them  :)  Surprisingly she didn't scare at all not even one tiny bit.  She is far less squeamish than I am and ever more practical.

Anyway...a few pics of the day...

Party bags

Pretty amazing cake of the world!  Baked by a friend of mine, Elma.  Normally I would bake a cake, however when Miss Bok asked for a cake of the world (she is very into the natural world, geology, etc) I sheepishly asked one of my good friends (we went to high school together) if she would bake one for me.  Ta-dah!!

Antartica, Miss Bok & Tim Tam (see heart reef in the picture? 
 Miss Bok loves heart reef as we flew over it a few years ago.  
My friend put it in just for her )

Notice the opportunistic, cheeky hens taking good advantage 
of the distraction by sneaking off with food from children's plates!  


Miss Bok with a potaroo

Miss Bok with a monitor lizard and a stumpy tail lizard 

The mini Boks with tree frogs!

Cries of 'Is it dead??'  No...just Joan having her dust bath  :)

With a 'baby' (HUGE!) olive python and another python

 The favourite of the day was Charlie the baby salt water croc.  The children all loved touching his rough tail.


Dessert...honeyjoys, brownies and cake!

Time for a rest! I adore this skirt from Made590/Made By White 
the storybook rabbit is one of my favourites!

The only casualty of the day.  One of my huge silverbeet trees.  It really is massive and probably had to go anyway!


  1. What a fun party! But I'm glad you've got all those creepy crawlies down there and not in my back garden ;)

  2. WOW that's bigger than God's undies! Brave woman! The cake looked awesome, what a creative and clever friend you have.
    Hope Miss Bok enjoyed her day!

  3. Yes there is an award given for such an epic undertaking, it's called "The Loving and Devoted Parenting Award" that pretty much sums it up :o) I love the cake, very detailed - you have a very creative friend. The native animals are superb I especially love the potaroo. Well done and Happy birthday again to little Miss Bok. Have a great week, Yollie

  4. Children's birthday parties are always so much fun. What is a potaroo? The children looked as though they were having a grand time, and the hens will look forward to the next party.

  5. thank you for inviting us to the party! i am certain i see my small spot in the world (southern california) on that wonderful world cake...and since i am way over here, i grant you an "international loving and devoted parenting award"!! of course! please pass the cake...

  6. Wow, what a great looking party - wish I was there!

  7. My kind of party Missus! Fabulous cake too. Feed the world...

  8. You are the bestest Mum in the whole wide world - wear the badge proudly as your award! Well done, what a day, what a cake!

  9. Woo hoo!! Well done Mrs Bok, as mother of primary school aged kids who has parties at home I know how much effort you put in :) Well done and welcome to the club!!!


  10. Very nice!! What a fun/cool party!

  11. Sounds like it was AMAZING! I think Miss B and I would have been good friends if was a kid again!
    Looks like she had a great day! Good work Mum!

  12. Congratulations! It looks like a wonderful day, and Miss Bok clearly had a great time (in a gorgeous outfit, incidentally!). I hope you've all recovered - I'm sure the children will be buzzing all week :)

  13. Wow hats off to you! I bow! I can't even contemplate entertaining 30 adults let alone children! :o

  14. Wow 30 kids that's a hand full , that cake looks great.I bet she had the best day it's looks like lots of fun.

  15. So glad you survived. You do deserve an award.

  16. Thanks for all of your well wishes :)

    I had lots of brownies and honeyjoys to take in to my grateful team at work today :)

    Ann - a potaroo is a kind of like a big rat/kangaroo! Very cute and so soft.

  17. Gorgeous party... and LOVE that cake, wow, how talented! Happy birthday to your little girl!

  18. What a birthday! What a cake! And Wild Action Man is such a better idea than the usual magician or balloon-shaping clown! :)

  19. Your kids are so adorable look at that happy smiling face. Every one looks like they enjoy themselves. What an amazing cake!

  20. Your kids are so adorable look at that happy smiling face. Every one looks like they enjoy themselves. What an amazing cake!

  21. Conrats on surviving and looks like a fantastic day was had by all. You do realize that none of that effort was required though as you have a PET RABBIT! melx

  22. What a fantastic party. The kids are so lucky to have someone like you. The party bags and cake look wonderful. I bet all the kids that attended will talk about this party for some time.

  23. What a lucky little girl and what a special day!!
    Wonder what she was thinking of when she went to sleep that night? Loved the photo of the chooks joining in with the party food!!

  24. Wow, what a great day, Well done! I bet everybody enjoyed themselves....The smile on the birthday girls face says it all... :)

  25. You put on a fantastic party! Miss Bok is a brave little fairy!

  26. If I were a little girl I would want to be invited to this party. What a ton of fun!!


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