Saturday, August 27, 2011

Name my new chooks!

Update:  The langshan is now called Amelia (Earhart) and the big fat pekin is called Hypatia (of Alexandria, mathematician and philosopher, she was a great Greek scholar and teacher).  Together they join Nancy (Wake, Bird) the astralorp, Joan (of Arc) the belgian d'uccle and Florence (Nightingale) the Frizzle bantam.  Thank you for all of your wonderful name suggestions!  I just need a bigger flock to use them all!   

The last two chooks have joined our flock...but I need help naming them!

They have to be named after a female hero as I talked about in this post...

This is a 10 week old bantam langshan.


 And this is an almost grown up pekin, I keep calling her Brunhilde but I really don't know what to call her!

What do you think?  Do you have any suggestions?

I decided to get a near-adult because the young ones don't seem to know what to eat...which sounds really silly...but something very sad happened on that bittersweet day I mentioned in my last post.  That morning, at dawn, I went to let the bok flock out.  Something was wrong.  Artemis came out very slowly and usually she is first to run out.  She was all fluffed up and clearly unwell, even going to sleep on the lawn.  I panicked and took her to the vet.

The vet told me that she was incredibly weak and very very thin.  He didn't know what was wrong, but gave her a general antibiotic and anti coccidia.  He suspected she may have been ill when she first came home with me and as chooks hide their illness very well, didn't show signs of sickness until it was too late.  She died just after we got home, resting in front of the fire.  I was devastated - mostly because I didn't even notice how thin she had become.  I'm not having much luck with chooks lately am I  :(

So...I then paid very close attention to how much the rest of the flock were eating, also dosing them with amprolium and vitamins just in case.  They never eat the treats I give them - hot porridge, mashed up boiled egg with vitamin and nutrition powder, not even their feed!  So I decided to get an adult hen to 'show' them what to do - some chook to copy.  I also changed their feed.

I only got one near-adult because I thought she would be less inclined to be a bully and more inclined to want to be kind to her fellow chooks.  So far so good!  The new girls are far bossier than my other three but they are getting along fine so far although the new ones don't want to leave the coop yet.

And as far as eating goes...she is a champion!  The others have been watching her intently and whenever she pecks at something, they copy her too and I'm pleased to say they have been eating more and putting on more weight.  It is a bizarre thing to me to have chooks that don't know how to eat...but they are very young...and thankfully seem healthy.

 Look!  The young ones are even eating the overgrown bok choy I pulled out for them!  Joy  :)

Florence and Nancy sunbaking



  1. Poor Artemis. You weren't to know she wasn't well. You are the best chook mother I know. I'm not very good with names but am amazed at how they don't know how to eat! You'd think it would be a natural thing. They definitely look like they are having a lovely time relaxing in the sun :)

  2. Do you read the Artemis Fowl books, i think they're aimed at tweens, i don't read them but is that the namesake for Artemis anyway, otherwise, brilliant coincidence. Oh my eldest just said Artemis is Goddess of the hunt?? Maybe chose something opposite like Foxy??
    I'd definitely name one chicken after the Vet so if anything goes wrong, the Vet might waive the bill?? You can live in hope.
    I'm still reeling from when my German Shepherd limped into the Vet & he charged us $85 for a 2 minute consultation to snip a broken finger nail, I KID YOU NOT. You go in thinking your dog has broken their leg, nope, a broken nail, either way, $85 just for walking in the door. Love Posie

  3. How I love your chooks! I'm sorry to hear about Artemis, but you're very wise to introduce a leader to the flock. As for names... I did think of a good one for one of our future chooks the other day... now what was that... perhaps it wasn't that good if I can't remember. If I was naming them after inspiring women I'd say Maggie, for Maggie Beer. Perhaps not a war hero or super spy, but a pioneer of sorts all the same. Love Maggie. gxo

  4. Oh my goodness you are getting far too attached to your chickens, just teasing. :)

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about Artemis. We had real problems with our silkie drinking enough water when we first got her - it makes sense that an older chookie leads by example.

    As for your new girls, what about Rosa, for Rosa Parks, or Marie for Marie Curie, or Maya for Maya Angelo?

  6. Hello everyone :)
    Thanks Sarah - I was surprised they weren't eating either as my old flock were pigs but I did get this lot very young and I'm glad they have a 'mum' to copy now!
    Hi Posie, I love the artemis fowl books but I named her after Artemis, goddess of the hunt and wild animals, a protector. I can believe your vet bill...mine was astronomical too - all for a chicken!
    Hi Georgie, I love Maggie beer too :) especially her burnt fig jam ice cream!!
    Hi LindyLou - yup I'm way too attached. Chooks are addictive I've found. I don't obsess about my kids half as much as I do the hens!
    Thanks Alecia, good names too!
    It s sooooo hard to decide!

  7. Helen for Helen Keller? I also like Maya for Maya Angelou. Do you have an Amelia for Amelia Earhart? Sorry to hear about Artemis, but nice to know you took her to the vet.

  8. What about Hypatia for your new adult hen? Hypatia was a Greek Philosopher who taught Philosophy (love of wisdom) to young men in ancient Greece. Since you new chook is teaching her young friends, I think Hypatia would suit.

  9. The Bronte Sisters. I must have missed a post and didn't know that you had a sick hen. Your little hen house is so cute the way you have decorated around it. Ours still sits out in the open, bare and blah. Great idea to bring in a Mamma Hen.

  10. Sorry to hear about Artemis. Very sad. As for names hmmm how about a Disney Theme....Ariel, Bell and

  11. Let's see. How about Corrie (after Corrie ten Boom) and Elizabeth (after Elizabeth Elliot)?

  12. Hildegard! she wrote botanical texts (amongst other things). not really a hero though!

    sorry about artemis. i grew up with chickens and one thing i know about them is they are complex little creatures. they have a bad street cred of being silly and 'whatever' but they are amazing at heart! your chicken coop looks so divine I want to live in it! so you definitely can't be hard on yourself about artemis's untimely end.......

  13. Hello! You've all had fantastic suggestions thank you!! I'm liking Hypatia for mumma hen and Amelia Earhart for young langshan ;) Like Hildegard too! Need another hen ! :) 'No More' says Mr Bok.

  14. Just catching up with blogs, so sorry to hear about Artemis.

  15. No name suggestions, but I like everyone elses.
    Sorry to hear about Artemis- poor thing :-(

  16. It took my new chooks over 2 weeks to feel comfortable enough to explore outside the coop. This, even though all the others are free ranging and only go to the coop to roost.

    Good luck with the new ones!

  17. I'm glad you like Hypatia and I think you do need a new hen so you can use Hildegarde lol! Don't tell Mr Bok!

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. Ops sorry Hazel I went to reply but deleted instead!!!!! Argh!!!! Fat fingers on a small iPhone. Oh dear :(
    Nancy is a great name - my light blue astralorp is called Nancy, after Nancy Wake but after Nancy Bird even more appropriate! :)
    Have to get more soap from you too x

  20. So sad to hear about Artemis, but good to hear that the newcomers are being a success. For girl names I would pick Samus, the first and most famous videogame heroine that broke the barriers of gaming is for boys back in the day, a bit geeky but works.

  21. Oh Mrs B! Poor Arty! Im so sorry to hear that!
    Silly girls...

    I like the idea of continuing the strong Greek goddess theme.
    Gaia was the mother earth goddess - fitting for the new mother hen?
    You could also use Phoebe!! She was the grandmother of Artemis and the name means 'Bright One'. Not such a heroic name... But still, its my name!
    I have the sunday night brain block and might have to come back to this later!

  22. Their home is so very nicely done. I was considering to get some but I am afraid that it will be noisy for my neighbors and too much of pooh to clean up...


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