Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Berry Merry

It's nearly the end of the year!  And you want that feel good factor don't you? 

Here's how you can get it!

This is a really happy time for lucky people but can be a really lonely and sad time for others.  Make a difference to a child. 

I was a Berry Street kid myself once a long time ago and I can testify that they do amazing work.  Click here to find out more about them.

I'd really appreciate if you could donate to this fantastic (tax deductible!) cause if you are able to/ if you want to.   I know it's a time of year when charity fatigue sets in.  And I feel a bit awkward putting it here on my blog - but I'm bringing attention to a great organisation.  Perhaps you might know a child who is in need of help and now you know there is a fabulous organisation who might be able to do that.  They helped me when I needed it.  
Pay it forward I say.

Thanks for any support you can give.  

Lately I've been wondering if I should monetise my blog...a few of you do, a few of you don't - and I doubt I would generate any income anyway but it would be a rather wonderful way to raise money for my favourite charities like this one.  What do you think?  Do you find monetised blogs really annoying?

p.s.  Did anyone see The Private Life of Chickens last night on the ABC??  Loved it.  But I was thinking 'duh' at some parts.  Like when the hens congregated curiously at the fake fox.  As if they wouldn't know!  


  1. It is a great cause and I don't think there is anything wrong with moneitising your blog if it goes to things like this. I am happy to say that every week at work we have casual Friday to support various charities and everyone gets behind it. I will suggest this one. Gx

  2. But they sure knew it was a real hawk!! Some of those roosters, so handsome!

    There are very few blogs with ad's that I keep reading. Even if the money was going to charity, I'd probably still be put off by it, if it was those random consumeristic ad's that crowd the page in. Just my opinion, of course. Erica (Northwest Edible Life) and CJ (Apron Stringz) added 'tip jars' to their blogs though.

  3. I find lots of ads distracting on blogs, and thought hard about putting amazon onto my blog. I use amazon a lot to send gifts to my daughters who live overseas, and like the fact I just have to click on the button on my blog to get there. I don't think anyone else has ever clicked on it though!

  4. We recorded the Private Life of Chickens :)

    I would have no qualms on you advertising on your blog, and I love that you linked to this amazing cause. I do lots of World Vision / Oxfam Christmas cards at this time of year but this looks like a great alternative.

  5. I'm a Berry Street fan too having had to refer several of my students to them for various reasons and seeing how the blossom as a result. As for advertising on your blog I don't think it would bother me one way or the other.

  6. Advertising is everywhere and I don't mind it on blogs. We all need to raise a little money for whatever reason. I have decided to monetize mine, so I can't complain if someone else does. I am going to use any money from the blog to pay for feed and other things for my chickens. (If I raise any lol!) Berry Street sounds like a very good cause.

  7. Oh and I forgot to mention that The Private Life of Chickens is viewable online and ABC 1's iView page.


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