Saturday, November 12, 2011

Grateful for crazy tomatoes and apple cider to give life some perspective

Something happened yesterday that's secretly left me a bit unsettled and quite a bit all aflutter - but hey that's life and I am but human!  The sun does much to lift the spirit and wine does much to sooth the soul so to enjoy a gorgeous sunny warm Spring Saturday, we headed down the road to the yarra valley for some wine and came across a winery that makes the best apple and pear cider!  They grow their own apples, pears and grapes for their beautiful drops of yum.



 We stopped at de Bortoli too for some cheese...

A really lovely day.  Just sun.  Just a little family.  To settle the secret unsettley bit inside.

Meanwhile back at home...

The recent warm stormy weather has brought on a massive tomato growth spurt!  I seriously think in just 3 days the tomato plants have doubled in size and nearly snapped because they weren't supported well enough.

Looking after my vegies and watching them grow, the amazingness and reliability of it all.  Plant a seed.  Nurture it.  Witness the tiny sprout unfurling then turning into a rampant fruit producing mass of leaves all with a mini ecosystem of its own complete with bad bugs, good guy bugs and sometimes little toadstools humming in the humus.   In turn it nourishes me.  My body.  Gives me perspective, reins me in when unsettling things happen.  Or don't happen.  Or whatever.  A garden can teach a person a lot of things and the learning and the reflecting opportunities are often underrated.

The ones in here are the most advanced, the others I planted on the 
windowsills a bit later and are a bit smaller 

 In the chook pen I note much of the tomato fruit has gone mysteriously missing!

Look!  Phoebe I think this is one of your gem squash!

Trombocinos or spaghetti squash.  I can't remember which, honestly I think I need to make tags.

Cannot wait for the artichoke to flower so I can admire then pull the darn thing out to make room for vegies! There are 6 artichokes on my one plant.  It's enormous.  Really it's time for it to go!  I don't like eating them but I love the bloom.

Lots of blueberries to look forward to... 
The yacon has gone nuts.  Anyone know when I'm supposed to harvest it?

On the left - little flowers on my tiny babaco  :)  One day I'll get fruit like the ones we saw at Diggers!
On the right...I'm not sure what this is...Hazel, I think you might have bought some at Diggers?  I planted it over Winter and cannot remember what it is but it looks like it's forming berries!  It's in my garden so it must be edible...

Nectarines but lots of leaf curl too boooooooo...I forgot to spray.  Too late now.

We planted this stella cherry on the left over Winter and it's given us 4 cherries :)  
And on the right a plum of some sort!  I'm excited!  Finally our fruit trees are getting enough sunlight now that the pine tree next door is gone and we are getting tiny fruit (not many but still!) and I'm soooooo excited!

This week I'm grateful for sunshine, for the miracle and pleasure vegie gardens bring and the thing called love that keeps our lives interesting.  Linking for the first time to Maxabella, one of my fave bloggers.  I'd really love to see your garden one day Maxabella!   

Hope you're having a fabbo weekend  x

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  1. Use the artichokes in a floral arrangement! Sorry its all unsettled...something in the air. I know you will sympathise that the foxes took 18 chooks here - the evil buggers. Well done taking time to enjoy the day and great work on the garden. Warm hugs...

  2. Looks like you had nice trip to the wineries, that cheese looks to die for. My tomatoes are coming along great guns also.

  3. You going to need many containers to harvest fruits and veggies next month from those promising growth.

  4. That trip to the winery sounds fun. I am missing my fresh tomatoes.

  5. My word you've been busy!! I hope you're OK though - I'm slowly catching up with my favourite blogs - lifes too short to not 'pop over' to visit folk who've really caught your interest like you!

    I'm happy I can have a 'second' growing season watching yours!


  6. Spending time in the garden is certainly good for the soul(Mmmm and a glass of cider) and fruit on your tomatoes already, im impressed!
    I have a Stella cherry and once settled from about the 4th year it has produced a wonderfull crop each year.

  7. Mrs Bok I cannot for the life of me figure out how to email you! I am so technologically challenged. Can you email me? It's

    Thank you! And stop rubbing in our faces how lovely it is down there - I am still recovering from my jealousy over your get together!!

  8. What a beautiful day out. The photos are just lovely. How serene it all looks.

  9. Oooh how exciting! I was just at De Bertoli a few weeks ago! :) And I can't believe how much variety you have in your garden! :)

  10. this post is very pretty with lots of green.

  11. Gardening really is an exercise in patience and a good "I'll do better next year." Our garden is all put to bed, so I'll be watching yours grow.

  12. Yes, the wonder of it all is quite amazing. I look forward to having so many different things planted like you have. One day.

  13. I too am so impressed by the variety of lovely things in your patch. Gorgeous!

    Mel xx

  14. Your garden is going great guns! We have lots happening in ours now too. Beans, Potatoes, Water melons!!! Zucchini and squash are all flowering and looking healthy and the choko vines have gone wild!

    I'm wondering if your mystery plant is olives?

  15. Lovely post, Mrs B! So much happening in your garden! :)

  16. Wow amazing lot of plants there - I've never had that type of artichoke's either and like you I like the look of the flower which is what I'll be growing them for. I do want to grow the other artichoke as it makes the most amazing soup but I've heard it spreads a lot so you have to keep it contained


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