Sunday, November 6, 2011

Diggers with the Melbourne Blogger folk!

I hung back unsure if I wanted to meet up or not at the end - cold feet!    I was worried they might think I was a mad vegemite crisp toting crazy.  They are all so very lovely you see.  I don't know about them, but I had a fabulous day out!

We met up at Digger's Spring Festival at Heronswood Estate in Dromana - 'Hazel', Phoebe, VG and Barbara.  They are every bit as gorgeous, cheeky, knowledgeable and friendly as they are in the on-line world.  I kept asking Phoebe what things were and she knew every name. Very handy!

The idea was to meet on the garden tour.  So we did.

But we (not wanting to incriminate anyone in particular...) got bored with all the talk of the house so we formed our own splinter group and headed straight for the vegetable parterre!  What a wonderful idea!  ...

Was always curious about what one did with those curly stakes. I rather like it! 

I'm gleeful (and I really shouldn't be should I?!) that the Diggers vegie garden suffers from the evil white cabbage moth butterfly too!  


Do you see all the diagonally espaliered pear trees? 

Love the trunks of these ornamental banana - huge!  and the tops of the carrots just poking out

A gorgeous location overlooking the bay 

Heronswood Estate 



Little friends!

Clive Blazey and a huge hedge of lavender beneath the citrus 
that Phoebe was very taken with (I love it too)

I had lots of fun today.  We shared drinks on the lawn by the pool, Phoebe was gifted a fig by the tree we were seated beneath and we were serenaded by the guy who usually mows the lawn.  VG's monkey men are totally spunkalicious, sooo cute, whilst Barbara's Good girls were just that, littlest Good smiling at everyone she passed.  I'm sure Hazel's goats would have loved to have come along.  

 I'd like to show you pics of us but...we want to remain a little bit enigmatic!

Can you guess which foot belongs to which blogger...?

I was so inspired when I got home.  I pulled out a few more silverbeet trees, stripping them to give to the rabbit, the hens, for our make room for all those seeds I bought.  More beans!

I realise this has been a mammoth post all full of pics.  But just one more.  For Melbournites who may be interested...I got this in an email today.  I won't be able to make it I don't think but you might want to check out a few vegie gardens!  I LOVE looking at other people's vegetable plots!

Thanks to you lovely folk who came to meet up today - it was lovely to put faces to blogs. Sorry the rest of you couldn't make it, a long flight over for a few short hours for many of you  :)

Have a beautiful week everyone!

OH NO!  I've had messages from fellow bloggers who tried  to meet us and couldn't find us!!!! SORRY FROG DANCER  and SORRY BELINDA!  Next time I'll leave up my mobile number.


  1. What an amazing place and it sounds like you had a lot of fun too. I like when I've been some place and come home inspired to do more.

  2. I kept on thinking of all of you gathering at diggers today while gardening.

  3. Glad to know you guys had lots of fun! And thanks for sharing these photos :)

  4. Oh what fun and what an amazing garden. Poor Frog Dancer!

  5. Ooooo never have I been so envious! I adore the photo of your feet - I am so glad you chose to leave a bit of mystery as to your lovely selves, and the pictures of the gardens are just wonderful. I will get there myself one day :)

    I soooo hope you didn't have too too too much fun without me :)

  6. Ahh well,

    I got caught up in a traffic jam due to a rd accident on the major rd in to Dromana then wasn't able to find you either. I still had a lovely day, the gardens had been polished to a shine.

    Kind Regards

  7. What a fantastic day out! The gardens are looking lovely and I love the shot of bloggers feet.

  8. OH no Belinda! You too! Next time I'm leaving my mobile number! SORRY xo

  9. You probably left the group 1 minute before I called out (loudly) to ask if the bloggers were there. Never mind. At least I found the elusive Amish Paste tomato I've been craving for the last 2 years. (Plus I want a formal herb garden with a rosemary hedge in my front yard...)

  10. What a lovely afternoon - and so lovely of you to organise it :) I'm glad you pushed past the cold feet!

  11. Oh no! I can't believe we missed some. I did mention to the others that I had sent Frog Dancer, a special invite too! So you were remembered.

  12. Oh no we missed some of you! How disappointing. And Malay-Kadazan girl your ears must have been burning because we were talking about you and your wonderful ways and where to get polystyrene boxes.

  13. I think the feet in white sandals with little flowers belong to you, Mrs. Bok. Don't know the others! It looks like a lovely day out.

  14. I would imagine that you such a wonderful day. Making new friends is always the best, especially when you sorta almost know them. The garden is lovely and inspiring--just the way all want our gardens to resemble.

  15. Sounds like you all had a great day out. Wish I could have been there. A bit of "blokey-ness" in amongst all the feminine chit-chat might have contributed a new dimension!

  16. Don't forget that we minuted Ali too!!! Ali you were there in banana-y spirit!
    I'm so sorry that we missed FD and Belida. I wonder if the lady I saw in the nursery with a yellow Viola and lovely long hair was one of our blogging friends?

    oh and by the way MRS BOK I LOVE YOU.

  17. Those veggies are so photogenic! I'm green with envy at what those industrious gardeners have achieved! Mine never look like that :( I loved the tour of the tour of the homestead at Heronswood and your pictures are gorgeous! This is a really delightful, interesting and fun post and, once again, has your humorous touch, this time with the foot guessing game :) Thank you!

  18. I was there on Sunday but didnt find anyone! what a shame. was a lovely day for a wander though, my first visit to the gardens, feeling very inspired!

  19. What a day you all had! thanks for sharing it with us all!!

  20. What a fantastic day out! The gardens are looking lovely and I love the shot of bloggers feet.


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