Monday, November 28, 2011

Mean Santa

Have you seen this? Portable North Pole.

It's a video you can tailor for your child, it is brilliant!  We set it up so that it said Miss Bok's name, had her photos, even mentioned a new addition to the family (Tim Tam)!  And we also set it up so that Santa knew she wasn't brushing her teeth (she pretends to) and hadn't put her on the 'nice' list yet...with his encouragement to brush her teeth regularly in the lead up to Christmas so that he would visit her.

Well it backfired spectacularly.  There was Miss Bok (7), open mouthed with amazement that Santa had sent her a personal email video message with all her pics in it, excitement mounting until the bad news that she wasn't on his good list yet.  Then came the floods of tears.   With Master Bok (2) consoling her, growling 'MEAN SANTA!  MAKE MY NAANA CWY!!  BAD SANTA GO AWAY!' (he calls he naaana as in banana).

Note Santa's mean face.  And Miss Bok's (2nd from left) crying face.  I'm sorry I can't rotate this picture.  For some reason it just refuses.  Sigh.  Blogger, are you listening to me?  Provide a photo rotate function please!!

Anyway, Christmas is happening at our place  :)

With or with Santa!


  1. I shouldn't really laugh about all the tears but that is rather funny. I might have to check the link out :)

  2. Oh no! Poor Miss Bok! That did backfire a little :P Perhaps she'll be amused when she's older?

    In the meantime, those lights are gorgeous - I like the dangling. Very cute decorations too.

  3. Oh dear but I have to say i did giggle a little about the fact it went pear shaped. i will be using it though.

  4. Hilarious Mrs Bok!!! Hmm not sure how we'll decorate the caravan for Christmas but your house is absolutely divine!

  5. Best laid plans...we have a window we yell out to let Santa know if the kids are naughty or nice. Seems to work quite well! Poor Miss Bok. Hope she gets over it.

  6. Poor Miss Bok, has she recovered yet? Think I will start this week with the Christmas decorations as its ment to cool off later in the week.

  7. Oh dear! I hope Santa makes it up to her on Christmas morning.


  8. Oh no! Poor little Miss Bok!
    I'll have to tell my daughter about this. I can see the same thing happening though!
    Your decorations look lovely!

  9. Poor Ms Bok! I'm sure that Santa will put her on the nice list after all.

    I sent these messages to all of my 'kids' (they're in their 20s) and Santa was warning them all that they need to try harder! lol

  10. Oh no, hopefully Santa will arrive as expected!

  11. Miss Bok will be all smiles come Christmas morning. She has time to take tooth brushing seriously.


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