Monday, April 4, 2011

Autumn failings in the garden

Whilst inside I'm loving the warmth that a fire brings...

Outside...well it's all very depressing really - out there in the garden that is.  I'm 'in-between' seasons and all my newbies are getting eaten by...bugs!  Possums!  Naughty big knickered fluffy bottomed hens!

Caught in the very act!!
Hoicking her bloomers up... 
And legging it!!

Poor old brassica

Worm farm is sprouting...something!

Had to shear the old chard cos of too much naughty nibbling by cheeky fluffy ladies

Poor old peas planted too early on the right wilted in the late sunshine we had in March, the guys on the left are doing ok though 

Only these silverbeet are doing ok due to the resident preying mantis and its special powers of chook invisibility.  How sad that the other 12 plants have been eaten to stalks!!

For a wonder the coriander (cilantro) is actually thriving despite frequent haircuts

Something...or someones!... is eating all of my pea shoots in the long planter!!

I've made a very half hearted attempt to protect some of my brassica sprouting

Hanging out innocently at the bottom of the garden after I've chased them away from my vegie garden

Except Cloud Zen the poor darling who can't fly and can never join the others up there on the wine barrels.

Hoping these sweetpea up here will survive being so high above the bugs and chooks
Even inside the plants are being ravaged by a certain Master Bok and his 2 yr old mischieviousness!!

But onto the good.

These guys at least won't be eaten but may succumb to Mrs Bok Forgetting To Water

The broccoli really are taking ages!  Or they seem to be!  They are doing better than the ones I sowed outside directly into the vegie beds though which are getting eaten by everything!!!!

We've been getting lovely fresh eggs - even if they are tiny! - every day

Love how eggwhites of a fresh egg really hug the yolk!

It's cosy inside

New Autumn apples are lovely aren't they?  So crisp and sweet...


  1. Sorry to hear of your garden being trimmed by your fluffy bottomed girls. Cheeky things. They do give you the lovely fresh eggs though, it's a tough trade off.
    Love new season apples.

  2. I really felt the chill of Autumn today. Your fireplace/lounge looks so welcoming and dare I say as pretty as a picture in a decorating magazine. I won't dare show anyone our messy lounge! :D

  3. While you are in the fall your season, we are just beginning to enjoy spring; except this morning it is 30 degrees and the snow that fell yesterday is frozen--quite hard on tender shoots. Our chicks were moved to the hen house yesterday. Can't wait until they are fluffy bottomed as your girls. cheers. ann

  4. I really admire your cute apple crate veggie patch, Miss Bok really have a wonderful talent. It is difficult to get out and do some gardening these few days, I am simply avoiding the cold weather. Love those fresh apples.

  5. What a great garden, but you are a brave woman trying to grow veg and have the chookies in there as well. The chooks must be in heaven :)

  6. Loved the tour of the back garden!
    The photo of the girls walking down the driveway is fabulous!! And its nice to see Lavender hanging out with the other girls.

  7. Our ladies are banished from the vege garden at the moment. They aren't happy about it either, but they can't resist feasting on fresh new leaves.

  8. Your garden looks amazing... albeit a little munched! We are about to embark on the vegetable garden/chook house thing and am seeking inspiration. Lots to find on your blog... Georgie x

  9. It's good to see that Chooks habits are the same 'down under' :) Ours were penned in recent;y before the growing season started here. They were most indignant but have settled down.
    Lovely photo's.

  10. Your garden is lovely! And the images in your post are wonderful.

  11. LOL! My chooks ignored the silver beet for three weeks and then one took a bite and squealed with happiness which drew a mob and thirty seconds later...lovely silver stalks - naked!
    Wonderful piccies!

  12. Love you hen description. Must be wonderful having eggs on tap. Hope your garden recovers soon!

  13. I have no idea how your garden survives the onslaught of your marauding ladies! Our girls would decimate ours in a matter of minutes!

    Your ladies do look so happy though - particularly love the photo in the next post of the two chookies back to back!

  14. Great photos, and love your loungeroom! Gorgeous chickens... I have bok-bok envy!


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