Friday, April 29, 2011

Guerilla garlic

So I tasked Miss Bok with planting garlic...and now I'm finding it popping up everywhere!



What type of garlic have you planted this year?  Do you leave yours in and just keep harvesting the stems or do you pull them out once they've flowered?  I love allium flowers.  I've planted Elephant garlic, Monaro Purple, Russian, Australian White, Cream and Oriental Purple. YUM!!


  1. I giggled. My garlic is yet to be planted! But when it is we will we wondering where. I've normal and elephant....

  2. I never new there where that many different types of garlic...I have planted two types, both organic from my local fruit & veg market, but I have no idea what kind they are??? Something for me to look into once they grow, This is the first time I have ever planted them, mine have just starting shooting up too, very quickly I might add! Looks like you'll get some nice surprises around your garden!

  3. I had to move my garlic into a pot while I redid my garden. I think I might leave it there as it looks pretty cool! Cute pics, I guess its a good thing to have sprouting up everywhere!

  4. Oh REAL garlic... I can't wait to grow some here and see what the unbleached, hasn't-traveled-a-million-miles tastes like! gxo

  5. I don't have room for a garden but usually get my garlic at the local farm all summer long. Great photos.


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