Saturday, April 30, 2011

A visit to Diggers and Flinders on a stunning Autumn day...

On a rather stunning Autumn day in Melbourne, I collected Astrid from hospital early.  She will stay inside with us until Wednesday with meds twice a day...antibiotics down her beak, eye drops and nose drops!!  How on earth to give those to a chicken I have no idea but I managed to do it tonight! I'll try to take pics tomorrow or get Miss Bok to so you can see - it was easier than I thought. I waited until Astrid was asleep, tucked her between my knees whilst I knelt over her and opened her beak, shoved the tablet in, then tilted her head to each side so I could drop her nose. The eyes didn't open so I couldn't get any in. Fingers crossed.  Vet says if no improvement by then then to consider euthanasia.  I'm not going to think about it for now.

We left Astrid in front of the fire, all tucked up cosy and warm, then drove off down the peninsula to Dromana to meet friends for lunch at Diggers, Heronswood.  Heronswood is in Dromana and has every fruit, vegetable, tree, plant, flower that is listed in the Diggers books.  They specialise in heirloom varieties and I get my seeds mostly from them.  Heronswood house itself was constructed in 1866.  It is just a gorgeous place to hang out and recharge, the gardens are amazing.


Babaco - I planted one this summer but it is tiny compared to this beauty!
Orange tamarillo - these do well in shade apparently so I'll have to get some!

The cafe is beautiful and features produce from their enormous kitchen gardens.


This outdoor table is amazing and I'm definitely going to steal this idea at some stage! 

There is a rather charming children's garden which I was thinking my chickens would love! 

An amazing herb garden with varieties I've never seen before 

On the way home in the late afternoon we stopped by Flinders.  It has changed so much in the last 15 years since I've been.  The strip has increased - not by much though - and there are the cutest shops!

Absolutely gorgeous lamps by Have You Met Miss Jones? 

Not bad to have enjoyed and done all that all by 4pm!   Now for home and 'think' about cleaning the house...


  1. wow Diggers HQ looks amazing!

  2. I have always wonder how Digger place look like, thanks for taking us along;-). Young Master Bok seems to know which is his favourite pumpkin.

  3. What beautiful places to visit at your disposal. The table with the plants growing from the bottom up through the top is amazing. Don't you hate when you have had an awesome day and then when you get home you have to make supper, do laundry and really start what you didn't get done while you were out. That always bums be out just a little. I guess I just want to savor my great day a tad longer.

  4. I do hope Astrid is ok.
    I love those gardens and that table-very clever!

  5. Whilst I love the idea of the table with the centre planter it would never work for us, as more than a coffee or snack table table, not practical where would all the dishes go. Shame though!

  6. I would love to visit Diggers one day. There'd be so much inspiration and so much to tempt you. Can't get over those pumpkins - what a variety.

  7. Oh, I was soaking up every photo... Heronswood is one on our must-see list. And a spot of shopping wouldn't go astray either... gxo

  8. I've just caught up on your chooky news, if is so nice to see someone caring so much for an animal that many other people wouldn't bother with. The vet sounds nice too. I hope Astrid is doing a big better. Fingers crossed.
    Ps. Diggers looks like a great place to visit :)

  9. so fun to feel a little upside down...visiting you in the autumn and welcoming the beginning warmth of summer here...thank you for the visit. -k.

  10. What a fantastic way to spent an autumn day! I have often wondered what Heronswood looks like, so thank you for sharing pics! We have taken a few trips out to St Erths at Blackwood, which is stunning and mostly just around the corner.

  11. Hi Alecia! Diggers HQ really is fantastic! It was such a great way to spend a sunny Autumn day.

    Hi Diana, those pumpkins just begged to be rolled around by small children! They inspired me to put in a crop next year.

    Hi Bella's mum! Yes - and the house is still looking at me asking me why I haven't mopped the floors yet :) The table was soooo fabulous I'm on the look out for a second hand one now that I can cut a rectangle in!

    Thanks Lyn, you are so sweet to ask after Astrid. She is much better today but still pretty sick.

    Hi Lindy! Yup I agree if you were going to share tasting plates it just wouldn't work...maybe at corners of the table instead? It was so lovely to pick fresh herbs straight into our food!

    Hi Missy! How is your hedge?? Any signs of life yet?

    Hi Georgie! You must visit if you can...I'm sure they would post plants & seeds to you as well.

    Hi Sarah! Thank you :) I have hope for her yet! No matter what the vet says...

    Hi Karen, it is so funny knowing we are planting similar things but with opposite seasons! Love that the blogging world opens this up.

    Hi Daffodil! Your piglet just makes me smile everytime I see your thumbname pic! I have to visit St Erth, I've never been there.

  12. Thanks for sharing your day out. I am a diggers member but as I live in QLD I have to order online. Probally a good thing I cannot just pop in at the diggers or I would spend far more money.


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