Friday, April 1, 2011

Easter artwork


Happy April!  I was greated at work today with practical jokes - ya know, my phone ringing but when I picked it up discovered the handset had been disconnected...that kinda thing...I hope you all had great fun this morning  :)  My little fluffy bok flock enjoyed a warm brekkie of leftover salmon pasta!  They don't quite seem to get jokes so there was little point in trying.

Not very garden, chook or sustainability related at all but...I love looking at the Easter submissions for the Koko Black Easter drawing competition.  I really admire budding artists like these!  I can only do stick figures and maybe a rainbow or two  :)

'The Motherload' - Hayden John Dewar

My favourite! 
Lunar Looting - Daniella Germain

Rabbit Proof Fence - Fail! - Ainslie Wright

Choc-a-Block - Elise Martinson 

Work has been CRAZY lately.  This is me stealing a moment in the sunshine, before heading into another meeting...just my two lonely choccies and me...soon just to be me!  Yum yum! 
No idea how ethical Koko Black are, but these beauties were gifts and I'm not one to say they fit rather well in my tum!  :)

My thoughts are with friends doing the 100km Oxfam Trailwalker tonight!  I helped to coordinate the very first Oxfam event many years ago and it is such an amazing thing to do to raise money for a great cause. I can't believe some teams are finished already!  Superstars!


  1. I love the 'Rabbit proof fence - fail' that really made me giggle. Thanks for your lovely comment this week on my blog. And I want to give that white fluffy chook of yours a cuddle!
    Janette xx
    My Sweet Prints

  2. Love the artwork. I agree about chooks not having a sense of humour ... Yesterday, Sweetie was upto her usual mischief. Sitting on the stool infront of the access tunnel the chooks/bunnies use to get into their yard, she played a joke on a chook. Everytime "Ariel" (chook) tried to go through the tunnel Sweetie would poke her head in!!! She kept this up until, a very fed up and unimpressed Ariel started her alarm call not finding the joke funny at all!! In the end I had to gently remove a giggling bunny from the stool to allow a fuming chook through!!! Happy April to you too. Take care - Yollie

  3. My favorite is definitely the Rabbit Proof Fence - Fail! lol - got a really good chuckle out of that one. :-)

    And - that's a really long walk!

  4. The art works for the competition have a definite Monthy Python look to them! Brilliant!

  5. Love the art!!!!! xx Hope the choccies were good!

  6. oh are those drawings outside of jasper juniors in that little arcade between little collins and bourke st mall? gosh, makes me miss the city. i used to work in the city everyday but not anymore now i'm a stay at home mama! hello APRIL! :)

  7. Lovely artwork!

    ...and another month gone. Where has this year gone Hope the choccies were delish!

  8. Hi Mrs B, thanks for posting these terrific drawings. And letting me know about this Oxfam event - I hadn't heard of it. cheers, catmint

  9. I also love the rabbit proof fence :)
    Nice post. Mo


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