Sunday, April 3, 2011

Melbourne Flower & Garden Show

This weekend Miss Bok and I attended the Melbourne Flower & Garden show. It is set every year in the world heritage listed Royal Exhibition Building and surrounding Carlton Gardens.  It was a chilly Autumn day but luckily we avoided any rain or rather, the rain avoided us!  Here are a few pics from the event.

Inside the building

Hellloooooo lady!
My favourite show garden was the kitchen garden.  I really like the coop.

I really like it!  Other than it being timber (mites) I really love it!

I love that even the borders on the ground were edible, I've tried this myself but with limited success.  It works out well to begin with but doesn't last.

Love those curly iron stakes that the apples are climbing over.

Diggers produce

For small spaces, this lean-to glasshouse is a great idea!

Love these, I've been looking for a 'pond' and this seems ideal.  It's an old Sri Lankan cooking pot but I'm not sure that fish or frogs would survive in it and no one is really sure what material the pot is and what would leach into the water.

I nearly took home a few of these iron letters!
Love these coat racks made from reclaimed timber

Reminds me of Easter  :)

Another chook tractor I found

The  world heritage listed Royal Exhibition Building 
Also remind me of Easter.  Am I slightly obsessed with egg shapes at present...?

I loved this woodland garden!

Yup the woodland garden was my favourite


I've never seriously thought of a swimming pool but this one is cool - totally see-through, the bar stools are actually in the pool

Why doesn't my produce ever look as healthy as this...brassica that aren't eaten??!  Looks so lovely sans nibble holes  :)

One of the cubbys for the cubby auction to raise money for needy children

And yet another coop!

Vertiscape are amazing with fabulous products and ideas.  I'd love a green wall!

Beautiful pear

Tulips...bulbs for next Spring...

Love the tree sculptures

Limestone sculpting at work

Just as we were leaving, so was a hot air balloon!


  1. Wonderful photos! I really loved the shots of the chicken coops...and the veggies gardens, delightful!

  2. Thank you for the photos. I would have loved to have gone this year, but I managed to work the whole weekend.

    I am so there next year!

  3. Wow, so much eye candy. Yes, how did they get their cabbages to look so perfect?
    Have you seen the beautiful timber egg shaped coop? For memory they're super expensive but rather stylish.
    Thanks for posting all these great pics :)

  4. Gorgeous setting!! Wonderful photos. I wonder if the chook tractors would work at my place?? My husband thinks I'm crazy because he feels the brood already have too much space. But I think if I could make their foraging more mobile would be even better especially for bug control!! Take care and have a great week - Yollie :0)

  5. I went on Thursday. Love it. I picked up another carnivorous plant to add to my windowsill collection and a little bay tree plant. You took a stack of great photos - I forgot my camera.

  6. I loved the pears too! Somehow I missed all the chicken coops!?!
    For once Melbourne put on a good weather weekend for the show!

  7. Hi Lynda, those perfect looking veggies made me sigh with envy. I came home and gazed ruefully at my caterpillar eaten, chicken trampled veggies!!

    Daffodil, awful that you had to work all weekend! That's me lately too :( but Im lucky I could go today!

    Sarah, what egg coops?? I'm going to go google them right now!

    Hi Yollie! Your girls live in such luxury but a holiday home would be great ;)

    Hey VG! Ooooo carnivorous plants! I didn't even look! I have my phone for pics it does an ok job mostly. How is your neck after all that hair tossing? :)

    Hi Phoebe! I have chooks constantly on my mind so that's prob why I kept spying the coops :)

    Can't wait for my seeds to sprout and for them to get bigger! I'd sooooo love a greenhouse.

  8. What an amazing exhibit. The first coop I was crazy about too. I also love the funky sculptures and the flat bed of plants hung on the wall. Really enjoyed my visit today, wonderful post.

  9. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog.

    I have enjoyed loong at these potographs as I enjoy going to garden shows for inspiration, and there is so much here especially for small spaces which is what I have.

  10. I must make the effort to go next year. Maybe, Phoebe, Daffodil, Mrs Bok and I could make a date to go together. That would be cool! Those chicken coops look good but are mass produced in China and you can buy them on ebay.

  11. I like the chicken coop too and was actually imagining it to fit in our small backyard. My cousin is giving me hints to have some hens. Thank you for sharing your trip. It is simply amazing.

  12. Hi Susan! Those green walls are amazing. I would looooove that!

    Mangocheeks, there was so much for small spaces. Those vertiscape boxes for courtyard walls were fantastic.

    Hazel - that's a fabulous idea! A bloggy trip to the garden show! I'm in!
    I've been looking for non wooden hen houses that aren't dangerous and can be well insulated...but it's not easy to find!

    Diana if you can...get a few hens!! They are such a source of happiness for zillions of reasons. Your kids would love them too.

  13. Gorgeous pics, thanks for sharing! So much to see. I think brassicas that aren't eaten are too hard to aim for - I'm guessing they need either a greenhouse or pesticides...

  14. What a fun way to spend the day. I would imagine that you were quite inspired to go home and do some gardening. cheers. ann

  15. it looks great that place!thanks for the picture ,have a good week

  16. What a fun tour. I love garden shows.

    I didn't know you were not already a Blotanical member. I see you've applied. We must get you a mentor.

  17. Celia, I would so LOVE a greenhouse! It'd keep out those pesky cheeky possums too that have been making so free with my vegies!

    LOL Ann yup I came home and cut up old bottles to stick over my seedlings and gave the garden a stern talking to - no more raggedy leaves thank you every much!

    Sophie I love the new images on your blog, esp the kitchen. We will renovate soon so I'm collecting ideas!

    NellJean, the blogs on blotanical are fabulous!

  18. Wow, what a great collection of photos - it looked incredible!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and saying hi.

    Angela x

  19. Love all your photos. I dream of having my own vegetable garden one day, sigh! Thanks for visitng my blog :-)

  20. Hi Angela and Anna! I've been secretly reading and enjoying your blogs for a while now so thought I should say hello! :)

  21. Wow - awesome photos! If I had known it was on I would have gone along... oh well, maybe next year!

  22. Sounds like a great plan Hazel! Melbourne Bloggers meet and greet!


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