Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter egg hunting

Can you believe Easter is almost upon us! For a lot of people it has deep spiritual significance and for others, it just means a public holiday and a lot of chocolate. Despite this I think that most people are grateful to have that Easter period, a time to reflect, recharge and be thankful.  More on that in another post.

This weekend a beautiful friend hosted an Easter Egg Hunt as she does each year - we were all set to go last year, but on the day, Miss Bok threw a huge 5 year old tantrum and just like that, the hunt was off for us. This year everyone was well behaved including Miss Bok at the ripe old age of 6 and we set off to hunt for chocolate. The weather was perfect, one of those glorious Autumn days with crunchy leaves underfoot, a bright blue sky overhead and warmth in the sunshine.

The Easter bunny was kind enough to leave car shaped easter 'eggs' for car enthusiasts like Master Bok! (Hrmm I'd like to see the chicken that lays car shaped eggs!)

Ya know, as much as I adore good chocolate, I'd have a fresh laid egg from one of my hens over a chocolate egg any day. I made some vanilla fairy cakes...with eggs from our hens...

Master Bok and Miss Bok storing their loot

I found a bunny in the woods!


I love Autumn!
May your week be very eggful.

p.s. I had planned on adding more to this post tomorrow but my clumsy fingers slipped as usual and I posted by of course I'll forget what it was I wanted to add in anyway so maybe it's all for the best really...


  1. good morning mrs. bok! easter in the autumn - now there is a new concept for me (the beauty of being in a blog community!). and now i am curious to know what a vanilla fairy cake it very sweet? i wonder. spring and autumn joy to you! -k.

  2. Happy Easter. I love the season. Funny. You celebrate in Autumn, we in the spring. Easter egg hunts are as fun for the adults hosting as it is for the children.

  3. The weather looks so beautiful. Good for you holding back from going last year! I'm sure that was a good lesson and made miss bok enjoy this years one all the better :)

  4. Hi Ann and Karen, I still find it odd to see fallen leaves at Easter instead of snowdrops and daffodils! Christmas is even stranger with blazing heat and a BBQ outdoors instead of snow!
    Hi Nessa! It was hard but she always remembers that now so I can say 'remember what happened when you threw that tantrum last year...' works well!

  5. I am hoping the Easter Bunny will do a little easter egg hunt for my almost 2 year old but everyone thinks she is too young. I personally think she will have fun checking under tomato bushes and in cos lettuces to see whats in there. And I think mum and dad will have as much fun as she does.
    Did you notice that even in Australia there are lots of spring themed Easter things - pictures of daffodils and spring flowers buts its really pumpkin and leaf weather.

  6. Fun! Maybe we should reverse it and get the kids to hide the eggs... gxo

  7. Happy that everyone have a grand time. I am still contemplating to do easter egg hunt for my 2 boys or not in the garden. But afraid with all the stomp and trampling on the wee seedlings.

  8. Everyone enjoys a good easter hunt...Lokks like tonnes of fun & a great day out!!

  9. Great idea Georgie! Then we can eat the eggs guilt free. I don't think my kids notice their eggstash diminishing each night!
    Diana, definitely do an egg hunt! Maybe at a park instead of your garden?
    Hi Trish! I always love an egg hunt although it was far more fun when I was small. It seems to be frowned upon to shove small children out of the way to get to the eggs first LOL

  10. Hi there calling by from News From Italy to thankyou for becoming a follower and for the kind words you left on my blog. Welcome it is good to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you as I will follow back.:)
    The Easter Egg Hunt is such fun, we used to do this for our daughters.

  11. Hi Mrs Bok, thanks so much for visiting my blog, we are having an amazing time on our trip around OZ. I really like your sweet blog, and can't wait to get home and set up my chook yard and veggie patch! Look forward to reading more...
    ps. Easter egg hunts are good anywhere.. even around the caravan!


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