Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day everyone!  There are some people who laugh at Earth Day but I think any event that raises awareness and encourages people to do something good for the earth is worthy of celebration! I love Google's image for today, I'm sure it's meant to be representing Earth Day.
This Earth Day my Earth Day pledge is to grow more edibles in my garden, care for plants that are not happy in their current positions even if it means moving them instead of hoping they will magically somehow start to thrive...and provide more native plants to attract more insects and wildlife into the garden. All things I try to do anyway but this is just another reason for me to try harder at it.

Today is also Good Friday, a day of deep significance for some and a time of reflection for many.  We are simply grateful for the opportunity to take time off work and spend it with our children. 

We had an Easter egg hunt in the garden for the kids and chooks today.

In the garlic!

Chooks got a hot breakfast of roasted zucchini filled
with beans and eggs, with corn and cauliflower
scattered about the garden for them to find for their
own 'Easter egg' hunt!
Picked more sprouting broccoli

Hunting for eggs

I'm not sure what to do about the lawn...we really want to convert it into food but it gets no direct sunlight at all, no idea how the grass is surviving!!  We've attempted to grow vegies there in containers just to test if it may work but it has never had success so for now it is a meadow for the chooks to enjoy and a place for the kids to picnic, run and play footy on.  Our citrus aren't happy either in their sunless aspects but I'll post more on that next time and get some advice from you sages.

I also visited a friend this morning, Hazel from The Hazelnut Tree to pick up some soaps and a gorgeous chicky door stop she made.  Her soaps are divine, clearly lovingly designed and created and smell heavenly.  I can't wait to use them...



Wishing you a very happy and safe Easter, I hope this Easter brings you what you most need no matter what your spiritual beliefs you have or what manner of creature you are   :)


  1. I love those google headers as well. Really every day should be earth day, shouldn't it?
    Boy your chooks are spoilt!! I love it, that's great. I can only imagine how nice that soap smells. I love good quality soap. Have a lovely, relaxing Easter :)

  2. What lucky chickens and kids you have! :D The soaps look lovely too-I adore home made soaps. Happy Easter to you all! :)

  3. Happy Easter to you too, Mrs Bok! I love that you had an egg hunt for your ladies as well..

  4. Can you grow herbs there? Like coriander which can live in shade.Jeruselam artichokes can live in shade if I am not mistaken.Have a long fun and relaxing holiday!

  5. Those soaps look so beautiful I can smell them. Happy Earth Day and Happy Easter!

  6. love this one: "care for plants that are not happy in their current positions even if it means moving them instead of hoping they will magically somehow start to thrive"... probably could apply to people, too! happy earth day. -xok.

  7. Happy Easter and Earth Day to you Mrs Bok. So lovely and cute to see your kids hunting for the Easter eggs!I guess everybody should do our small bit to keep Mother Earth happy and healthy, like you Im also not using chemical pesticide, so my leafy vegetables also have lots of holes to show for it!

  8. Thankyou for your comments on my wisteria post. It is a shame that Earth Day happened to fall on Good Friday this year as I for one am guilty of not featuring it this year for that reason. So well done you for taking the Earth Day pledge today.
    Happy Earth Day - Happy Easter.

  9. Dear Mrs Bok, Happy Earth Day and Happy Easter to you too!

    We too spent the day tiding and pruning etc in the yard, however being Catholic it is a little contradictory as Good Friday is a day of mourning and not working. But I don't consider yard activities as work so hopefully I'm ok!!

    I must comment on your pretty and colourful toadstools! I think they are gorgeous. My husband made some from plaster of paris and PVC pipe which are very pretty and functional, but I've never seen such dainty versions as yours.

    Also, lucky chooks to have such a splendid hunt! I hope you celebrate a wonderful Easter and look forward to your next instalment - Take care, Yollie (Fairy Castle Farm)

  10. I am new to your blog and really enjoyed you last couple posts. I hope you and your family also have a wonderful Easter and enjoy the weekend. Love your chickens getting their own hunt and the kiddies are cuties.

  11. Looks like children and chooks had a great time Easter hunting!
    Happy Earth day, I have to admit to not having heard a lot about it mainly because I have been too busy to watch TV or buy a newspaper!
    Happy Easter!

  12. Those chickens are SO lucky!

    Love the beehive pattern soap! The Google picture was lovely wasn't it... happy earth day to you for yesterday!

  13. Hi Mrs B, thank you for your good wishes, got a good laugh over the chooks having their own easter egg hunt, and your child looks so cute hunting for eggs.

    I also enjoyed the last post, hadn't seen those wonderful covers for the old classics.

    cheers, cat

  14. Thank you for popping over to my blog and leaving a lovely comment, Happy Easter to you too.


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