Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bryan's zucchinis, where are my manti - and why are my broccoli flowering already?!

I have a wonderful colleague, his name is Bryan and he is always giving me and my fluffy bottomed girls gifts from his garden. His garden is like a bottomless pandora of vegie delights.
I had to post pics of my girls enjoying his lebanese zucchinis.
I love this pic of them all lined up waiting in queue!

Fluffy bottomed lasses
Girls pecking around my fledgling feijoa

Each time I post about the garden I add another pic of the sweetpea in the hanging basket. They are growing so quickly!

Lots of lovely leaves for mulch...

My sprouting broccoli are giving me much to puzzle over.  I've got them at different stages of development...
The broccoli that were sprouting on my windowsill are ready to go into the garden beds outdoors!

...and now planted here and there rather haphazardly as is my join their older friends!
The older brassica
Not sure what happened here. This brassica above is flowering already as is the one below?!! What am I doing wrong :(  Why are they flowering already when the season has barely begun and they are still so young??
Strawberry flowers

Magnolias putting on a lovely Autumn show for us, love their lemony fragrance

Maybe the last of the Autumn roses...

Miss Bok's apple crate is coming along nicely...

My apple crate is rather less colourful but I'm hoping to get lots of sugar snap peas from it. One or two are flowering .

I've always loved the flower of the pineapple sage

Naughty aphids in my lime verbena! Where are my preying mantis?  They usually clear those aphids up for me but today I couldn't find them anywhere...

Where are you my beautiful preying mantis's?  Or is that manti?  Please come back!!


  1. Your garden looks to me to being coming around nicely. Then again I don't know much about growing vegetables. Our yard is small and I usually plant herbs in large containers. We are however going to make a salad table which I am quite excited about. Love the photos of your hens. Sooo pretty!

  2. Hi Bella's mum! Oooooooo a salad table sounds fabulous! I need to do something about salad. Since the hens found the planters I haven't been able to grow any as they just eat them as soon as they sprout! I'd love a salad lawn. I saw one at the garden show recently and thought oh yessss I'd love that!

  3. I love that you call them fuzzy bottom girls. Your eggs must taste wonderful with all that good food they are eating.
    thanks for you visit to Acorn Hollow. I will be back to check on you again

  4. The girls are definitely enjoying their treat!

  5. Love your girls...really cute!

  6. Your sweet girls are so pretty! Lovely garden you have going there! =)

  7. I was thinking of you and your fluffy bottomed gals yesterday. I was wondering around the easter show and there were a LOT of chooks to admire.


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