Monday, April 11, 2011

Our first broccoli sprout!

Took advantage of the beautiful (although short lived) Autumn weather over the weekend to get out into the garden and have a poke around.

The hens got lots of cuddles and frolicked about in the sunshine, so they are happy.

My artichokes are looking good, whatever is eating my brassica (darned caterpillars!) seem to leave my artichokes alone...I love their beautiful silvery leaves.

My sprouting broccoli has its first little head but it's still so tiny and so caterpillar eaten I'm surprised it's sprouted anything at all...

I actually have lemon yellow chard.  This grew out of the mixed packet of rainbow chard seeds I got from Diggers.  Usually I just get ruby and white or pale yellow.  I've never had a bright yellow before, I rather like it!

The kale has survived surprisingly well, I don't know that I'll eat it though as it has squashed caterpillar eggs all over it from me going squidge squidge squidge!!  UGH!

The second lot of carrots are looking ok and there are tiny ones emerging every day (the hens ate the first lot)

Still getting daily eggs from our girls so whilst winter is getting closer they still give me hope for the odd warm day ahead...

I keep pondering what on earth I can get to grow on our naturestrip, the earth is so hard and compacted and no sunlight touches the earth due to the huge trees.  This is what Autumn looks like in our street today:

I visited my favourite nursery yesterday to get some netting, they have a very inspiring Edible Alley which I plan on doing myself one day when we live in a place with lots of light!!  I thought you might find the pics inspiring as well:

A few words on the Ethical Consumption challenge.  It has made for a rather boring eating month LOL which is almost over...I've played it safe by not really purchasing very much at all and making my own breakfast cereal which actually I prefer to boxed cereal anyway.  It's really opened my eyes to examining closely what I buy at the supermarket...apart from fresh vegies and fruit from local growers and the CERES fair food boxes, it really isn't easy at all to shop ethically.  I'm glad I'm putting the effort in though as I'm sure it'll get easier as I am already recognising more readily the brands to avoid.

Have a terrific week everyone!


  1. Beautiful Fall pics. I love Fall, but after our Winter I can't even think about going back into Fall. I hope the netting keeps the hens out of the carrots. I will definitely check out about eating ethically. I haven't made a specific effort to do so, but can only imagine it is a hard thing to do.


  2. Mrs Bok, It is all looking fantastic! Guard that Broccoli with your life!!! Especially from the Chooks - mine are all gone!! I too planted the diggers rainbow chard mix and only got the reds and pinks, but you are absolutely right the lemon yellow looks fab! Make sure to let us know how it tastes! Take care Yollie

  3. I like those colourful mushrooms, look so cute surrounded by your healthy vegetables that are growing so fast. Oh wow you have already sprouting broccoli. Ours are just seedlings.

  4. Great photos. Your broccoli is way ahead of mine, I have 2 that have juat gone in the beds but the rest are only matchstick size and are still in the mini greenhouse hiding from the cabbage moths.

  5. I like the idea of statues, sculptures, figurines in the garden, even when the garden is bare and waiting for the seeds to come up there is something to look at, it makes it more homely too.
    Sounds like you have enjoyed your ethical challenge and your produce looks amazing.

  6. Your garden looks amazing. We haven't planted anything yet. We wait until Mother's Day when the danger of frost is over. Keep reporting on your ethical shopping. I find it quite interesting. cheers. ann

  7. I was at Bulleen on sunday morning and took photos of the espaliered trees too! I was going to post them for ideas but you beet me to it!
    Some native grasses would be good for the nature strip. Poas, Dianellas and even Lomandra 'Tanika or 'Seaspray' (though common) are very tough and suited to roadside conditions... Although they might not go with the rest of the garden.

  8. Hi Spencer! I love the colours and the cosiness of Autumn, we are lucky that we can grow vegies through the winter here (no snow)

    Hi Yollie! Am getting ready to fence off my vegies from those marauding chickens! They eat about half of my new growth as well but they love running about so much I don't have the heart to fence them in!

    Hi Diana and Greenfumb, I've only got a few more mature broccoli because the hens ate most of them and the caterpillars got the rest :) I've got little seedlings of the purple sprouting variety on my windowsills ready for transplant.

    Hi ElsieMay, I love having other things in the garden too, we have whirlygigs everywhere that I catch the hens playing with sometimes. I've got my eye on a few bird baths at the moment...

    Hi Ann, the ethical challenge has taught me a lot about recognising the brand behind the brand so to speak but it's an ongoing education.

    Hi Phoebe, great idea with the native grasses not sure if they'd survive without sunlight but you never know! Not even mint survived though. I love BAAG next time you're there look out for me, I'll be the one talking to the hens :) They are my old ones I sent to retirement!

  9. Hi Mrs B, I also love the Bulleen nursery, that statue looks similar to ones I saw in the Geelong Botanical Gardens. Re your nature strip I think Phoebe's ideas of native grasses is good. On my nature strip I grow yellow buttons, they seem very tough and spready. The street looks great, like ours with lots of fallen leaves for gathering - if only I had the time ... cheers, catmint

  10. What beautiful pics! I get so excited when I hear about how your chickens are doing. And well done on the ethical challenge! It is harder work I agree. I wish it were easier and perhaps it would encourage people to do it.

  11. Autumn is such a great time to be outside in the garden, looks like everything is coming along well for you, just gotta keep the flock away... My garden is on hold at the moment, am in the process of putting in a few new beds and trying to prepare some decent soil, it's quite depressing seeing everyones else's veggies shooting up... I can't wait to grow rainbow chard!

  12. I'm amazed to see things actually growing after reading your hen antics :)
    Lovely pics, and I love the idea of an Edible Alley. Mo

  13. This Ozark Farm Chick is quite jealous as we are still havin' killin' frost here. Heck, there's some snow flurries in our weekend future.

    Your garden looks magnificent....salad anyone??? Heeehhe!!!

    Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day from the happy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!! :o)

  14. Lovely blog you have here! I will be following along for sure! =)

  15. Hi Catmint! I'll try the grasses. If anything it'll attract native insects.
    Hi Lorraine! Better labelling would be great. For example I found a great brekkie ceral called Be Natural, recycled paper everything. Nothing on the box to indicate it was anything but the Be Natural brand. But on internet investigation I found it's actually Kelloggs.
    Hi Mo! I'd love to create my own edible planning one! So much fun the things you can do. If only I got more sun...
    Hi Karen! How are your sheep going? :)
    Welcome Nezzie! Hope it warms up for you soon. It snowed in the mountains here this week! Woefully watching winter approach...
    Welcome Desert Hen! Your black face sheep are so adorable in your header!


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