Monday, April 25, 2011

Heide Museum of Modern Art

Although today is ANZAC day, it is also the day my husband and I met and became more than just friends many years ago :)

So today on our non-wedding 'anniversary' which we still celebrate, we took the children to Heide especially as young Master Bok worked so diligently in the garden this morning!

I love this place, the sense of history, the wide open spaces and the interesting trees and plants let alone the amazing exhibits they display in their gallery - just fantastic. Now that Cafe Vue has opened, it is even better! The Garden Menu Du Jour features produce from Sunday Reed's original kitchen garden. Shannon Bennett's restaurants have always given me a great dining experience.

See the 'cows' up there..?

The seafood broth looks like compost but it was divine, rich and redolent with fresh herbs. The best deconstructed strawberry cheesecake as well...

what are these amazing fruit? Look like large kaffir limes, some kind of inedible orange I'm guessing...

Even though amazing sculptures abound at Heide, the kids still bent over every little bug they could find...

The kitchen garden

Couldn't take any pics inside but it was terrific

Hope you've all had a lovely day! Very grateful to the soldiers, nurses, all the men and women who gave so selflessly. Hope we make it to the dawn service next year.

p.s. this is what I ended up doing with the flowering broccoli...


  1. Lucky you getting all of that sunshine! We've had a one day sunny one day rainy situation here. Sadly we picked the wrong day to have a BBQ lol. It looks like you had a great day!

  2. That looks like a beautiful spot, what a fun day out! Your little garden helper looks so cute working hard ;)

  3. What a lovely looking place that is. I like the looks of the kitchen garden.
    Happy 'non- wedding' anniversary too!

  4. I love the kitchen garden! Wish I have one like this!

  5. Can you imagine having a kitchen garden like that? Your children are adorable!! When my kids were small they found every spider and ant within yards from my house. Kids and bugs just go together. What a lovely family day you had!!

  6. What a glorious day! Young master Bok is so adorable helping around the garden. Our Rayyan if he is holding a trowel, we have to be alert as he probably dig up some of our new seedlings.

  7. I've never been to Heide. Must pay a visit. Thanks for the post. Glad the seafood broth tasted better than it looks!

  8. happy easter,joyeuses pâques! Mrs Bok!


  9. What a great way to celebrate. Such an interesting place. I love that they grow some of the food they use in the cafe.

  10. I drove past there today and was wondering if the new cafe was open. Must put it on the 'to do' list.

  11. What an amazing looking place, I'm fascinated with that seafood dish, what was in it?!
    My children also love bugs above all other things - ladybirds especially. We have a plague of them at the moment so they are finding lots to play with.

  12. Hello!

    Alex, the broth was just shellfish and loads and loads of fresh herbs (and some grain too) - it was so so delicious! And I wish I had your plague of ladybirds!

    Hazel & VG, you've gotta go it does amazing food. Even Master Bok's croque monsieur was terrific.

    Hi Sophie! Hi Diana!

    Hi Blurting, thank you for the info on volunteering I'm looking into it now!

    Hi Flick! Lovely to see you here.

    Hi Lorraine! You would LOVE Cafe Vue Heide!

    Hi Missy, it is so good to see food growing and then to see it on your plate :)

    Hi Farmgirl, your scones made me get my scone on today! :)

    Bella's mum your cookies look AWESOME. Remind me of tic tocs!

  13. Lovely post, looks like a great way to celebrate your 'Anniversary' and also an inspiration!

  14. Have you read the Heart Garden by Janine Burke? (I think her name is spelt correctly. Its all about Sunday and the establishment of Heide I and II. She was an interesting lady!
    Looks like a lovely day!
    I used to volunteer there in my uni days / high school holidays. It was the best place to work, so peaceful but had a real dynamic energy about it...

  15. I am still giggling at your decomposing seafood broth, how delicious! Lots of lovely photos, I especially like the one of your little two looking at bugs.

    Happy anniversary!


  16. Happy times and congratulations to you both.


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